Graphic design is my passion. One of my favorite passtimes is hunting and gathering in my backyard. My neighbors hate me because the squirrel population is being depleted constantly. I have a crazy fucking ass gecko that I suspect might be gay. The police wont stop adding DWI's to my record and I can't get them to stop! Sometimes I wake up on the side of the road holding an unlabled bottle and can't remember anything from the past two weeks. NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY, I WILL SHIT MYSELF.


I'm a world-renowned YouTuber that makes interesting videos. TSA sometimes stops me and gives me a cavity search because they recognize me from the news. I have to take care of this bitch ass gecko that doesn't even pay rent. He's basically my roomate. I work as a high school student, but I haven't gotten any paychecks for it. I'm a professional at video games if you weren't aware. I'm severely addicted to listening to music and it has caused me to get into 8 car crashes so far. Help me break my arm again by sending me your old CDs!


I like making videos with my camcorder. Michelle Obama has mail sent from my address automatically sent back because I kept sending her 30 minute tapes of me dancing to songs she hates. I love music but I wont tell you what my favorite band is because I'm gatekeeping. I love computer games and my favorite one is GTA IV. My favorite Xbox game is Family Guy Video Game but it fucking pisses me off because it's too difficult. My favorite Playstation game is also Family Guy Video Game. Even though theres plasma and LCD TVs, I like my big tv better. It is much cooler and sounds better and I love it. One of my favorite companies is eMachines because they made my computer. Heres a picture of my computer.