November 18, 2023

I started remaking my website yesterday because I wanted to make it better. I think it looks PRETTY FUCKING AWESOME NOW. I haven't done anything else yet today.

December 10, 2023

I reached 86k subs today from the time I'm updating this blog, which is really cool. The speed at which my channel grew is astounding to me and it is still surprising every time I check my sub count. Hopefully I can get some monetization money and get myself a Pontiac Firebird to make kids at my school jealous. My discord server is almost at 5k members, I'm not sure if it will stay active but it hasn't slowed down any. I checked Google today and it turns out I was posted on 4chan, so if you're reading this because I haven't been online in a month, I have been kidnapped. My gecko is getting really fat.

February 22, 2024

I haven't updated my blog in a while. OOpsies. Anyways I got my braces tightened and the orthodontest put more braces on too and it freaking hurts so bad actually i might die from this its so bad please help me. I want to make a new video but my mouth hurts too much. If I never post again I died from braces. my gecko is still fat. Im at 187k subs now which is 100k more than the last time I updated the blog. OOOOPS. Idk html so i might learn it and make the website look even cooler. I got this duck that looks like an alien. Rubber duck not real duck.